When and why do we put zero in Synchronized Swimming?

Well with the new regulation, this possibility is repeated!

Today we will refer to the technical routines. As happens in figure competition, if one or more swimmers omit all or part of an element, or execute an incorrect action on an element, the judges of the Elements Panel must put a zero as a particular note for this element. (AS 18.4.1)

How are you going to proceed to give a final score to the technical routine?

If one or more judges of the Elements Panel has scored a zero for an item omitted in whole or in part, the Referee will review the official video. If it is verified that the required element has been executed, the average of the note of the rest of the judges of the panel will be computed and will be considered worthy of 0 points. (AS 18.4.4 and AS 17.4)

But in case one or more judges note an incorrect item, the Referee must also check the official video, and make sure that it has been, so he can change the grade to zero! (AS 18.4.3)

Thus, the judges who score the elements must be very attentive since they must maintain the same level of demand as in the figures, including the twist, the combined spins, continuous or with degrees, (180º-360º … the beginnings and end of figures, verticals, trusts, speeds, displacements … in a word, you have to judge the elements following the indications of the figures with their basic positions and movements, as well as the design and control.

But the zeros do not end here !!!

We still have another possibility. As is known all over the world, the technical elements must be done in the order indicated from 1 to 5. In case one is omitted, or is done in an undue order, the judges of the Elements panel should write down a zero as note for this element in particular. (AS 18.4.2)

It is also very important that the transition prior to the element, facilitate to be able to clearly detect the first of the positions and / or basic movements of the required elements and as it can not be otherwise, the post transition must also be adequate to finalize the element correctly. There are times when the transition before the element ends with a back layout, for example, and the element starts with a tent entry. Either the element ends with a back ride and the next transition is a vertical movement.

All this previous paragraph should avoid that the first and last position / basic movement of an element could not be seen and it will be verified that a part of the element is not missing, and with this, we will avoid some other zero.

We really do not like to put zeros, but if you have to put them, we are obliged to put them …


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