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Artistic Swimming tricks: the Support Scull

Howdy! @SynchroSwimCoach Leilani Torres here!

I want to share with you one of the many ways the wall can be our best friend.

Ways in which we usually use it:

  • Vertical line – in vertical, bent knee, crane.
  • Pike position.
  • Ballet leg.
  • Eggbeat positions – supporting with arms or sitting on the edge.


Another way is upside-up – Fixing the support scull.

Full body against the wall, tight as in a vertical, doing support scull.  I love this exercise, because, not only the swimmer gets feedback right away from the vertical line with the wall, but also they work on vertical scull and as a coach you can correct everything from the edge of the pool.

Easy, fast access to the swimmer.  Amazing.

Things I look for in this position is (support scull):

  • Having the body tight against the wall from head to heel.
  • Trajectory of the arms in the scull.
  • Position of the arms and hands – watch that most of the palm of the hand always faces the surface of the water and the wave effect it creates.

I hope this article has been of your interest. If you liked it, comment and share!


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About Leilani Torres

Actual Analista de Rendimiento Deportivo Internacional. Ex-entrenadora de la selección nacional de Puerto Rico, Dinamarca y Chile. Titular de la cuenta de Instagram y Facebook @SynchroSwimCoach, donde comparte consejos, técnicas, ideas de coreografías y cualquier cosa que ayude a hacer de la #synchro un deporte mayoritario.

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