Artistic Swimming tricks: turning in Support Scull

Happy last day of the year, Synkrolover! Today to help you start better in 2019, I want to share with you this article about the turns in support scull:

The turns in support scull are in the figures and the technical elements and without a doubt it is one of the points in the artistic swimming to dominate if you want to be up. Today I will give you a couple of tips to make you feel better.

  1. The most important part is that your body is blocked and extended. The head pulls down and the feet to the sky. Abdominal and buttocks very connected to stabilize the body and thus not move it with the movement of the scull.
  2. Scull with equal force when you open that when you close: otherwise is when you bounce and the unstable turn is seen!
  3. Alignment: Make sure that the two eyes, the two bones of the hip and the center of the scull look towards the same point:

Remada Americana.

As you can see in the picture, it is very easy (and more with fatigue) to “leave the scull behind” and get there first with the body and head than with the center of the scull. To make it easier for you, divide the turn into eighths of a circle. Every time you pass the line of the eighth check that the look and the center of the stroke indicate the same direction!

Especially in vertical, we almost always leave the right arm behind and the left arm does not open enough, so when you do it, try to tell yourself “open the left arm more” and you will see that it is better both to gain height and to have a better base if then you have some spins to do!

I hope I have helped you a little at least and that you have a very goodbye of the year!

Happy New Year!!!!!



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