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Do you want to know how to improve SWAN figure? (Under 8)

At first glance, this figure seems very difficult, but it isn’t so difficult, the Oceanita was more difficult in the previous cycle!

First we have to demystify, little by little and with the right corrections everything becomes easier. Today we explain some of the tricks to make it a little easier to do it.

1.- Always to start, stand in the middle of the judges panel (the head in this case). That seems obvious, but there are too many swimmers in each competition who lose points at the start. Just for not remembering this detail. Always and during the figure you have to look where you are, don’t lose points for this nonsense that only consists in being attentive!

2.- First enter the head to the chest against the torpedo and then begin to bend his leg in asymmetric scull to be able to grab some water or who has a lot of back flexibility directly to support scull. Always taking a lot of water to avoid displacement!

3.- The arched bent knee position is better if you can keep it in support scull (it’s much higher and you save a change of paddling during the climb). Remember to paddle a lot to reverse and don’t go forward since the weight of the legs is behind!

4.- When you get a knight, still paddle back (if you close scull too much it doesn’t help you, you lose height and you will make the leg or the body move forward to compensate).

5.- The most important thing for the change of knight to crane, it’s to have the feeling that someone is pulling your back foot and that “the fault” of this action turns your hip. If you turn directly without this extension in mind, you will almost certainly move your upper leg out of the vertical.

6.- ¡Estira la pierna de arriba como una loca! Imagínate que tu pierna es un destornillador y que quieres introducir con el giro de tu pierna un tornillo en el techo con tu pie: ¡cada vez más arriba!

6.- Stretch your leg up like a crazy person! Imagine that your leg is a screwdriver and that you want to introduce with the turn of you leg a screw in the ceiling with your foot: More and more up!

7.- To descend from crane to pike you have to paddle in dog scull at the end if you don’t have enough lumbar strength and avoid closing the angle at less than 90º.

8.- From pike to flat position, the scull is a bit uncomfortable (it’s very easy for your feet to sink), that’s why we leave you this video recorded with the super camera Watlicam . So you can see a possible way to do it!

Practice and practice that at the end with determination and efficiency everything comes out!

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