Improve your Artistic Swimming figures: the Porpoise (I)

Hello Synkrolovers!

Today I will talk about two useful tips to improve the Porpoise that was great for me:


1.- The rotation of the legs outwards:

This is the typical position called “Endehors” in ballet, and also known as 1st position. It is about rotating the legs outwards within the same axis of the vertical:

In picture 1 they are in the 6th position of ballet and in picture 2 they are in the 1st one. On the side, the difference is not appreciated. Keep your fingertips together and squeeze your heels.

Why? Because the external rotation of the legs allows us to activate the muscles of the gluteal area (Pyramidal, Gemini and other responsible for rotating the legs) and with it the vertical placement of the body, or synchro language: not having the butt out of the vertical or being on your nose. By activating these muscles we have the center of the body more activated and it gives us stability. By having stability we have a lot of livestock for height because all the effort of the arms is efficient.


Undoubtedly my best trick for the Porpoise, which is one of the best figures I was able to perform, is to rotate the legs outwards.


2.- Start in support scull or not from the pike position?

Some girls prefer to do the “paddle” scull especially if they have very long legs because there is more weight away from the center. For others, it is better to do support scull directly from the pike because it prevents them from changing scull and they get more height in this way. Try the way that best suits your body!

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