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Men in synchronized swimming

Synkrolovers wants to offer all the information of synchronized swimming possible, for that reason, we propose tricks and advice that can serve you in your trainings. Today we explain how is the situation of men in synchronized swimming.

Countries around the world are beginning to promote boys in synchronized swimming. They’re starting at a young age in their recreational programs and the competitive age group programs. Why is this important for our sport? It’s simple! Boys make girls work harder and girls make boys work harder when they are put together.

In the beginning you will see is young boys preferring the social aspect of the sport and young girls preferring a more focused work ethic. When these young kids become teenagers, there’s a flip. The girls become more social and the boys have a more focused work ethic. This is where the level of training changes. Don’t get me wrong. In all female teams there is a great level of sportsmanship and sometimes it gets emotional. But when you add a male component to the mix, the dynamism of the team soars. It’s how they work together to achieve a specific level of athletics without even knowing. It teaches them to a new level of being a teammate and companionship. It teaches them to be ladies and gentlemen.

Mixed Duet is the newest and most exciting event to see on the world stage of Synchronized Swimming or Artistic Swimming. Introduced as an event at the 2015 World Aquatic Championships in Kazan, Russia, then again in Budapest, Hungry this past summer. However, men in synchro have been around much longer than the past two years. I can think of Bert Hubbard, Donn Squire, Don Kane, and Stephan Miermont to name a few.

In my opinion it was Giorgio Minisini of Italy who was the hardest working athlete this year. He displays the true grit of an athlete. He started off strong at the 2017 Makeup Forever French Open, but it was in Budapest where you saw his determination, his inner animal roar, and you saw his respect for women through the actions of his duet partner.  Therefore, men in synchronized swimming is more important than ever.

In mixed duet the focus should be like that of ice dancing. We need to showcase our partner, we need to be thematic in our music selection and choreography, and we need to have the right balance of duet moves and the intertwined moves of mixed pairs. Whether you’re a coach, an official or an athlete, men in synchro will help balance out the playing field.

Synchronized swimming can teach young men a life skill…to be a gentleman.

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