Improve your figures: Swordtail, part 1

Hi everybody!
I want to talk about Swordtail, the 13-15 figure. For today we see the first part and another day I will talk about the second.

I always had many difficulties to make this beginning of swordfish, I was afraid, because I never got it right. For sure there are more people like me, and now with the awesome Watlicam, we can see our underwater world, so I want to share a tip that saved my figures when I discovered it.

It is something very simple, but efficient:

1.- Before starting to raise the leg, leave the heel on the surface and lower the body down without changing the line of the hip. Beware that I did not say go to the pike, I said lower the whole body! That is, you do the scull to pike down, but without bending the body. Only two sculls is enough. Until you have your head almost a foot under the surface. Then you start with the “doggy” scull to lift the leg.

2.- It is very important to scull below the knee or even further away (from the body). Because the weight is far from the head, and if you scull close to your face you do not get the strength to lift all this weight out of the water.

3.- Scull only towards the ground. If you do the full stroke to the face, you will see that you move too far towards the feet and you will suddenly find yourself outside the panel:

A hug to everyone and keep the good work in the training sessions, without forgetting to enjoy synchro!

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