Improve your Artistic Swimming figures: the Porpoise (II)

We talked about the beginning of the Porpoise a few days ago here.

Today we talk about the second part of the rise to vertical.

Keep the rotation of the legs outwards during the whole process and even during the spins, as it makes it much easier to turn on the axes and maintain balance! There are some coaches who do not want to because they say that you have to have your feet completely together for aesthetics, but if you see in the photo you do not see that you are with your legs rotated, the judges see it from the side and the improvement of the execution is much bigger!

Porpoise. Marsopa.

The scull should always be under the weight: at the beginning is forward, you have to scull almost under your feet and little by little as you go up you scull more towards the sides without getting to the center. When you reach vertical you do not need your hands to touch themselves, the weight is just above the center (there is nothing in front like in the crane or bentknee) and if we scull ahead surely the body will compensate for this imbalance by pulling the shoulders back !

Remember also that the vast majority moves backward during the last stretch of the vertical arrives. Always anticipate, going back is a lack of attention. Grab some water and remember to make more strength when you open the arms in the support scull than when you close them!

We leave you a video recorded with Watlicam so you can see one of the ways to make this movement (Porpoise):

With SynkroSkale Suit you can easily see what score you are getting at each moment and it is a great incentive to improve both swimmers and coaches! We also sell the Leggins separately so that you can put them when making figures and quickly remove them when finished!


Synchro is hard, make it easy!

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