Improve your Artistic Swimming figures: Jupiter (II)

Hello everyone! Today I will talk about the first part of the Jupiter figure: from Crane to Knight.

As I told you in last week’s article, as in everything in artistic swimming or any type of artistic sport, extension is essential.

Then we have some ways that make it easier to understand the movement. Visualizing actions or situationscan help us to correct it well. For example, in this case:

Imagine you have a pencil on each big toe. To get to knight from crane,if you were a compass, you would draw a semicircle, right? So to get much more height, try, instead of drawing a circle, draw a straight line. Like a square.

In the bottom photo you’ll see what I mean. Under the name Jupiter you can see how I have drawn the conventional way of going to knight (option 1) and the other alternative to get much more height, stability and extension:

Natación artística. Artistic swimming. Natación sincronizada. Synchronized swimming. Jupiter. Grúa. Caballero. Crane. Knight.

As you can see in the photo, it is also very important to achieve height and balance, to scull below the center of weight. For example, if you scull as if it were a crane on the knight (closing the scull until the hands almost touch each other) you will be sculling under a non-existent weight and surely you will unintentionally have your leg facing your face to compensate for this support. Therefore, scull back every time you open!

I hope I’ve helped! Now try it in the water and see you next time!

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