Improve your Artistic Swimming figures: Jupiter (I)

Hello everyone! Today I will talk to you about one of the parts of the Jupiter figure: from Knight to Crain.

In this part, as in everything in artistic swimming or any type of artistic sport, extension is essential. In this case to:

  1. Have more height being the lightest leg (you know that a hard body weights more than a flaccid one).
  2. Have more stability. If we have extension, we have more balance and with it, we are able to move a leg without the body being affected. In common words: we do not bounce as much.
  3. Ensure more verticality, since by extending the head towards the bottom and legs towards their ends (as if you wanted them to be longer), we manage to go from a curved position to a more loaded one without losing balance.

Natación artística. Artistic swimming. Natación sincronizada. Synchronized swimming. Jupiter.

As you can see in the photo, what I insist most is in the extension and, in addition, in opposite directions: leg towards the ceiling and head towards the bottom of the pool. Then the moving leg also has to try to touch the wall, you will see that it is much easier!

Another trick that helps a lot (Jupiter):

In the knight, as there is more weight behind, scull more back, almost below the knee! And in the crain close more the scull in front, because, as you can see in the photo, the weight is more in front of the vertical!

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I hope I have helped! Now try it in the water and see you next time!

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