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High frequency hyperthermia: how can it help us?

Today I will explain a new concept of injury treatment and prevention. It is about high frequency hyperthermia.

In our center in Mataró we have been working with this type of technology for more than 10 years (currently with the HumanTecar HCR1002 equipment).

This type of technique has as its main objective the stimulation of cell regeneration, through the passage of an electric current at a certain frequency (exactly the same one as the human cell works). Thus, the cell activates its functionality, accelerating its metabolism and increasing blood flow and microcirculation.

The person receiving this therapy does not notice any type of electric current, quite the contrary; only notices an increase in temperature (which will vary according to the type of injury to be treated). Of course, unlike many other therapies, this increase in temperature is not given by the machine, but by the body itself: it is an endogenous heat.

How can it help us?

This therapy allows us to work in all kinds of situations: ligament, muscular and tendon injuries, their prevention, post-effort recovery, post-surgery rehabilitation (even if there is osteosynthesis material such as plates, nails, needles or prosthesis since there is no risk of internal burns).

It can be said that, without being the universal panacea, it allows physiotherapists to improve the quality of our work in an evident way while the user sees accelerated the recovery process of their problem.

It is a very good help.

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Health to everyone!

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