Single price for the entire peninsula * € 4.85 (takes 5 to 8 days)

* Except:
– Balearic Islands: 15€ (takes 7 to 10 days)
– Canary Islands: 24€ (takes 10 to 15 days)


Within the EU single price of 12€ (takes 12 to 15 days)


Only shipments to the United States and Canada. Single price of 35€ (takes 15 to 18 days)


Consult privately to check the rate since we only send by Courier and the rates are higher and change a lot depending on the shipping and the country.


To return an article, follow these steps:

1. Put the items back in their original package with the corresponding labels. You must take the necessary precautions not to damage the items you wish to return or change, nor to use them.

2. In the shipping address, enter the SYNKROLOVERS address below and do not forget to put the sender. SYNKROLOVERS C/Fredolic 21, 08415 Bigues i Riells, Barcelona, España. 

3. Return the package to your post office and keep a proof of postage. Do not send the package without first obtaining a certificate of shipment. Save this certificate, since you will need it to certify the shipment of the order. 

4. Send us an email to indicating your reasons to change and / or return the product with the number of the proof of delivery and proceed to solve the problem with the best solution we can ?


Synkrolovers has a transport company to reach any corner of the planet where a modern mermaid may need us. Thanks to our partner Correos, all the Synkrolovers in the world can be to the last and enjoy our products. In any case, and depending on a third party, Synkrolovers can not be responsible for the courier delivery service of Correos or ensure the perfect execution of this service, thus releasing us from all responsibility for parcel deliveries.


– Do your order in advance. Delivery times may vary or be delayed for reasons beyond the control of Synkrolovers. By ordering your order with something in advance, you ensure the receipt of the package for when you really need it.

– You have 14 days to make a return. Only if the return is for the wrong shipment of a product or for the defective state of any of them and is properly documented by photographs, Synkrolovers will bear the transportation costs corresponding to the return and reissue of the product.

– It is important to check the status of the order at your reception, and notify the Correos of possible incidents within less than 24 hours after receipt.

– Remember that we can not send to mailboxes

– Provide your package. The cost of some international shipments can be somewhat high given the great distance our products travel. Take advantage of the shipping to ask for more things and get in line with your teammates to do it together!