Coach do you have any swimmer you do not know how to motivate?

It happens in all the pools and in all sports. There are children who seem to get bored, and you wonder why they come to train if they dislike them so much? You on your part try it, you want it to be interesting and not bother, but often you get desperate, there’s no way I can follow you and you end up talking badly. And what’s worse, it distracts the rest of the staff! From Synkrolovers we suggest some ways to approach that type of children. How to empathize? -First of all do not see them as an attack but as a victim. There is nothing more effective against aversion than compassion. Put yourself in their place and you will surely find the reasons. -Second: Find the reasons. He may be here because of his parents’ obligation. If not, find out if it happens in other areas (school, other extracurricular activities, …). Finally, find out if it is really yours, that is, if you love synch, but there is no way to connect. – Whatever the reason, lamenting and complaining is not going to help you. If you want to stop receiving this energy it is better that you act or that it stop affecting you definitively. You may think that there must always be someone who reminds you why you get paid for training.

How to approach and win the confidence of your student? Talk to her, ask her and talk to you about her worries. Do not tell him directly that he does not attend or that he has a problem with you. It is better that you dedicate this conversation to shake the tie, to ask him if he is well, if he has something that disturbs him. Let him see that you want to help him and not scold. If it opens, you will have made a big step, you will influence your life as an evolutionary being, one of the best things that a coach can contribute. Motivation increases greatly if personal problems are fixed. If it does not open or show rejection, give it time and make it clear that you have someone to trust. I may do it later when you see that you can try again. Sometimes there are deeper problems that are not easy to uncover. Talk to your parents or your friends, sure they provide you with very useful information. Whatever it is, it will help you remember that you are the adult and they are the minors who need a guide. Losing your nerves because one desires to despair does not give you the power of direction, you give it to her. As a coach you have a very good opportunity to reach the center of your athletes and be able to offer them weapons to keep growing in the right direction. Help to motivate them and you will see that in truth all the children want to learn and if they do not, it is because there is something to fix!

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