The movement of the arms in the somersaults

The movement of the arms when performing a somersault in the air is of great importance and fundamental. It helps to achieve greater height in the jump and, therefore, in the acrobatic. In addition, a correct placement of the arms will help to provide rotation to the jump.

At the beginning of the learning process, it is best to start in a tucked position. Position in which it is easier to rotate. When mastered, you can move to other body positions such as “piked” (straight legs open or closed) or “straight” (with the body completely stretched). In any case, if the arms are placed above they will help to gain height and turn when going to grab the legs to tuck or pike.

In the case of the front somersault, the arms should be placed above, stretched and in a vertical position after the body, before jumping. If they are raised during the jump, they will reduce rotation.

On the other hand, for the back somersault, we will raise the arms with a ballistic movement, that is, fast, while we jump. Coordinating it so that it gives us height and rotation. If it is possible to raise them as stretched as possible and just reach the vertical at the time when we take off the ground.

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