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From the synchro of competition to the synchro show

At the end of a season you can think about how old you are if you continue or not for the next. Sometimes if the year has been disastrous you end up tired and you do not want to hear about the subject or sometimes you are so motivated that even on the beach you start to do choreography.

Whatever your situation may be, you may be tired of competing, but still love the synchro. The question is can you practice sync without having to go through the competition tube? Clear! How many people have told you that it is a beautiful sport, and that live is incredible?

One of the ways to practice your favorite sport is to do it the same way, but with the aim of directing it towards the spectacle.

It is a very grateful sync, more artistic and without the physical wear and tear that the synchro of competition entails.

Today there are many groups of exhibitions that have been formed among groups of comrades. If you like the idea and see that this is your destination ask a local group if you can include him or better still create your own group!

Of course, it is not easy to get shows as well. You have to make a good plan and offer good quality. Make yourself known and knock to many doors Even the effort is generally worth it and you will find publics more grateful than the judges! There are a thousand events that take place in hotels, private pools, cruises, on the beach or in the sea near a yacht, Why not? In addition, it is generally very well paid. It can be an interesting form of income even if you keep competing … one thing does not take away the other!

One of our favorite swimmers is Marga Crespí, former swimmer of the Spanish team, Olympic medal in London 2012 and many others between World and European. She with this curriculum, chose the way of the spectacle all over and now she is in Las Vegas where there are the two most incredible aquatic shows that you can get to see. It includes synchro swimmers among gymnasts, dancers, jumpers, singers, … are a pasada! The fixed shows are: Ô del Circ du Solei and Le Rêve, which has nothing to envy Ô!

We will interview Marga one of these days to tell us the details of the artist’s life.

Would you like to be part of a group of shows? Do not think about it, you do not lose anything! Dare this summer and ride it, it’s the perfect time!

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