Artistic Swimming Tips: verticality in the Spins

Very often, we see the spins off the axis and, if you notice, they “fall” much more to the left than to the right.

To fix a problem we must always ask ourselves: why does it happen?

Here we leave you the list of the most common mistakes in spins:

  1. The head rotates before the rest of the body:

It’s logical if you want to see where you are going, but it goes against you. If you turn your head before time (usually we do not realize it) the axis deviates and the problems begin. As we normally turn to the left, the head anticipates towards this side as well.

  1. You cross the Scull too much:

If the left wants to go very strong, sometimes we give a good push at the beginning and then we stay with the hand stuck too far back, so we lose strength and again it makes us off the axis. Often this causes the other hand to cross to compensate for the left and then the whole body is crooked. Make sure you have the left in front of your nose!

  1. You Scull too far from the body:

It seems unimportant but this correction fixes many problems! Try it and you will see. If you scull far away, you have less control of your strength and create currents towards your teammates, causing unexpected position changes. Scull for you and for nobody else!

I hope this article helps you improve. Train hard this week before Christmas and finish the year proud of yourself. Get yourself this gift, you deserve it!

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