How to improve my toe point (Part II)

In the past post about feet extention we told you some keys to improve and unshakable laws that you should not break. (you can reread it here). Today we talk about a more important issue: Where do you put the strength to make instep? Are you sure it’s in the right muscles?
It’s very important for the leg line to raise awareness of where in the body tension is placed. One of the tricks to make it better is when it is verified that the ACHILLES HEEL IS RELAXED INSTEAD OF HARD.

If it’s relaxed wrinkles form and the ankle is thinner. If it’s hard it means that you are with the soleus (the muscle that leaves the heel) with too much tension. As all muscles are connected to the next, by making too much force on the calf, the hamstring (behind the thigh) becomes tense and you see the leg bent. Therefore you make opposing forces and you make yourself complot to yourself: tighten your quadriceps to stretch the leg and unintentionally squeeze ischio to bend your leg! ?

As you can see, in the picture below, the heel is separated from the ground because the leg is much more stretched. The ankle is finer in the 2nd position, making a more slender leg.

More exercices to point your toe

  1. Try this as we just told you. At first it is difficult to control, it’s easier to become aware with the leg bent first. When it is checked, it is done with the stretched leg. The trick is to make instep by putting force ONLY ON THE FOOT, NOT THE TWIN. In addition, you will be more stretched your knee and you will tire less because you eliminate unnecessary stresses! Repeat the better, and in the water whenever you can until it is automatic for you.
  2. Use the feet stretcher at home A great tool! To gain flexibility while you study or watch TV, you’ll be amazed at how effective it is and how much it helps you to improve. (you can find it here) In addition this model is very comfortable because it has a foam that prevents your heel pain and Velcro makes it super fast to use, look:

Remember: the most important thing is constancy. If you want to have good insteps and don’t have them from the factory, you must work them to mold them periodically. If it’s daily better. So … start now!


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