How to improve my toe point (Part I)

The feet are the key to the leg line and for the impression you give to the judges. We all know that nice legs open you many more doors and you hide many more mistakes than if you do not have them. “But how do I do it if I have the tips so flat as a runway?” First of all you should really believe that you’re going to fix them, it’s the most important thing! Second, you should know that it isn’t something that improves in two days if not that has its process. You have to have patience and faith. Third, we make it easy, follow the following instructions:

Law numer 1:

Never let the tips go further than the heels (the “pie mongo” in Spanish Synchro slang) Always out so that the habit is not created, as it is a very difficult thing to eliminate!

Law number 2:

To improve it has to hurt. Even so remember: in this case, pain is mandatory, but suffering is optional! Observe it as if it were someone else’s. “It hurts, I notice it, but nothing happens, thanks to it I’m getting better” (It has to be bearable, we are not responsible for injuries due to lack of precaution!)

Exercices to improve the feet

1. In pairs sitting on the floor with leg stretched. One of you tighten to the maximum taking into account that we follow the straight line of the foot, not inwards. Once we have been 30 seconds tightening to the maximum it is left to squeeze very gently with the intention that the foot will continue at the same point for 10 sec. Put a finger under it to make it easier to have a target to reach. Repeat at least 3 times:

2. Put a tube under your fingers with flex feet, stretch your feet without letting the tube fall. The thinner, the more effective. Adapt the size according to skills. Also applicable on the water!

You can start practicing! If you do not have a possible couple, make it better at home with someone in your family, there are no excuses not to do it! In part II on the insteps we will explain other things that will go great, stay tuned, you will see!

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