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How to control pre-competition nerves?

The preseason is over, one of the hardest stages of the beginning of the new season. And for that reason, it gives rise to the stage of preparation for the next winter competitions.

One of the most important things that any athlete should learn is to control the nerves of the pre-competition, and I no longer only refer to the moment just before competing but also to those of a week earlier, where they either begin to fail trainings without knowing the reason or some days go well and others wrong. And for those who do not know, this is also learningprecess.

One of the things that helped me a lot was to create a routine for before competing that started 1 week before, so maybe you can find one that little by little will help you to clear your mind and focus your energy on your goal.


Pre-competition tips:

  1. Visualization. 

It is a technique that is used on many occasions and in very different ways but that is personally essential for the competition, that is, it is not as easy as it seems. It consists of lying in a comfortable place, even at night in bed before going to sleep, and start breathing quietly by taking the air through the nose in 6 times and releasing it through the mouth in 8, until you feel that your body has relaxed. From there the exercise consists of imagining yourself in the competition, at first maybe seeing you as if you were on TV but you have to try to get to visualize yourself inside the water with all the details, that is, the more realistic the better!! This will help you to keep the exercise, the test, the jump more controlled …

  1. Do the same as in training.

By this I mean that during the days before the competition we are more motivated so we suddenly start doing things that we have never done before and it may be that we go wrong, so that makes us doubt before competing. Therefore it is best to be confident, do what we have trained and give our best.

  1. Prepared, ready…GO!

Just before we touch is when the nerves are on the surface. Best of all, breathe 3 times very deep and relaxed, warm up the muscles and I really like to listen to music to be able to clear my mind a little.

Here you have a table to put your own tips, those who go testing both in training and competition to see which are the most effective and mark a pre-competition routine!


And you … do you have any routine before you compete?

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