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How to control pre-competitive anxiety?

It’s normal before competing to feel tense, restless, fearful. From there, we try to control the emotional state, that is to say, it’s difficult for us to control the attention and, therefore, to stay alert and we act as if everything happened too fast to be able to oppose it. Since the muscle tone is excessively altered, the actions are awkward or different from what we are used to.

If you have ever had sweats, trembling hands, nausea, intense stomach pain, desire to urinate, and insomnia… and negative thoughts begin to appear in your head, don’t worry, it often happens to many athletes, even to the most pros like those who start competing (pre-competitive anxiety).. And the good thing about all these body reactions is that you can work to control them and improve it! (But always with professional help).

Negative emotions can play tricks on us and negatively influence us when competing.

Guidelines to control pre-competitive anxiety:

  1. READY…

It’s important that the night before the competition you prepare, that is to say, you have everything under control, the material, the swimsuits, the drink… and once in bed visualize the pool. This will make you feel more calm (even if you don’t know which it is, you can look at it on the internet and thus have an idea).


As we saw in another article, it’s essential that you perform YOUR pre-competition routines; they will make you be much more focused when competing and they will make you not have to think so much and get so nervous.


 It’s interesting that you ask yourself: what am I afraid of?, is it a fear related to failure?, of being seen?, of not knowing how to do it well?… The more information you have about that fear, the more you can objectify it and understand it.

Therefore, if you are working in all this before the competition, surely you arrive much calmer, although you have to know that a few nerves before competing are also good to activate you. But without a doubt the most important thing and that I always asked myself is: what is the use of being so nervous if I have trained a thousand times and I know that it can be perfect?


I hope this article on how to control pre-competitive anxiety has been of interest to you

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