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Positive attitude and motivation: how to learn to lose?


“The fear of failure is the fear par excellence of athletes”

Learn to lose? Every athlete always likes to win, but it’s not always possible, moreover, you always have to go through defeats to get up stronger and fight the victories. (Who will not have seen Rafael Nadal losing a game and in the next tournament raise the trophy at the top).

Learn to lose

The most relevant problems that we can find and that can affect us the most are competitive stress, lack of confidence and concentration. If this fails, it’s when we can have more possibilities of failing and not obtaining it. But what we want is the opposite, to achieve our goals so we have to be aware that to win we have to fight, and that is achieved with day-to-day work, with daily effort, with the motivation and desire to excel and to achieve our goals. For what I always say “if you lose a day of training, maybe your opponents are winning it, so you’re already one step behind”. And that is why a POSITIVE attitude in training is fundamental, that humility be recognized at all times and you also help your companions, let it be known that success may not be achieved despite training, but that even so we are getting closer and that we also recognize the motivation that we have.

This daily work not only leads us to achieve our goals, but it is also important because if not negative effects can occur such as demotivation, that we stop having the desire to train, that we see everything negative, “burnout” or exhaustion, and that’s where you have to have confidence in the coach to help you get back that daily strength.

Therefore, when things don’t go as we want or we thought they were going to come out, either in competition or even in exams, these negative results have to be converted into positive from the first moment, we have to overcome them and look for the good in them, what they have made us learn so that it doesn’t happen again, or what we have to improve next time to get closer to the goal. And I recommend you that you have your corrections notebook and your goals sheet nearby and that you go remembering your mini objectives, or if not to do it again and set a week goal that you can fulfill and thus get more motivation to always train with enthusiasm!

I hope this article on how to learn to lose has been of help and interest!

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